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How personality assessments, meaningful feedback and coaching can be the triggers for success.


  • Physical fitness and healthy lifestyle programmes are actively encouraged in workplaces – the benefits are widely accepted as useful to improved performance.
  • There is no reason why mental fitness by encouraging healthy emotional fitness programmes cannot work.
  • Self-exploration and meaningful feedback in achieving effective emotional and interpersonal impact should receive the same acceptance.
  • Optimal well-being does not only imply the absence of serious psychopathology; it includes the continuous development of inner potential and coping with developmental tasks in life.
  • Understanding why you react the way you do gives you purpose.
  • Discovering your patterns of social interaction gives you perspective.
  • Seeing where you fit in with your fellow colleagues gives you an understanding of the dynamics of human behaviour.
  • These discoveries, all possible through assessment and meaningful feedback, give you the impetus to exercise your mind for maximum performance and get you the results you aim for.

Other Assessments

  • Customer Service Aptitude Profile
  • EQ360
  • WPI Personal Index (WPI) Effectiveness Report
  • Saville Consulting Wave
  • Giotto integrity test


Do you feel sometimes  if only you had someone you could trust to bounce an issue off with…….

someone who would reflect how you are thinking, feeling, sounding – without judgment and without bias….

but someone who could gently spur you on in a direction that energises and gives you purpose…..

so that you can get ahead and reach the goals you have set for yourself …

or who can offer you a space to set your goals with a plan for you to continue your own self-coaching ….

I can offer you this opportunity in a one on one conversation on line or face to face to help you become your own coach.

  • Personal Growth and Development Programmes
  • Remote and face-to face crisis counselling/problem solving
  • Personal relationship development using tried and tested communication and emotional intelligence skills

R650 per hour


If you need specialised advice in how to develop the skill of emotional intelligence and how to develop your self esteem I can offer you this opportunity.

R650 per hour


Courses developed specifically tailored to your company’s needs or to your individual needs covering:

Courses provided in:

  • Communication techniques
  • How to get your point across
  • Assertiveness training
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Resilience building
  • Dealing with irate customers
  • Optimising customer relationships
  • Tone of voice for optimum interaction

R650 per hour

Content Development

Well researched and succinct writing for digital content and print media.

Health articles for :

  • Magazines

  • E-zines

  • Web content

  • Self-help

Price on application