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How emotionally aware are you?

Find out how to boost your emotional strength, Increase your resilience and feel empowered!

To know yourself, what you want out of life and to reinvent yourself you will need to understand your emotions and passions and truly feel comfortable in your own skin.

Emotional self-awareness is the starting point for self-discovery and emotional intelligence which leads to resilience and adaptability in this world which is so full of unknowns and change.

Today, the world of work and our personal lives have changed dramatically. In fact, as Yuval Noah Harari, world renowned historian and commentator on life so poignantly refers in his book “Lessons for the 21st Century” change is the only constant. He talks about humankind facing unprecedented change and says the most important skill of all to survive in such a world is to build mental flexibility and enormous reserves of mental balance to enable you to learn new things and preserve your mental balance in unfamiliar situations.

We all have emotions, and they energize us and make the world turn around for us.  But when we get triggered by those hot buttons that cause us to react in a way that is not helpful, we can find ourselves in a difficult place, not knowing how to get out of it.

You may find there are times when you just wish you could understand what caused you to lash out at your partner or your colleague, or you may know why, but was just unable to stop yourself. These are commonly known as our emotional derailers, those reactions triggered by the emotional reactions inside of us when we are stressed, overtired and simply cannot cope.

So, what can we do to prevent the fallout from these emotional outbursts or prevent them from happening at all. What role can emotional intelligence play in helping us manage these emotions and help us understand what is going on inside our head?

Here’s where emotional self-awareness becomes important. The goal of emotional self-awareness isn’t to analyse our emotions to death or to unduly suppress them, or to do away with them altogether. But it’s important to recognise our emotions – to know our trigger points and to know our strengths and weaknesses – accept them and build our strengths and work on our weaknesses.

We build confidence not because we don’t have weaknesses and only strengths, but because we know what our strengths and weaknesses are and can build on these to develop our emotional self-regulation and intelligence.

How emotionally aware are you?

Pop quiz:

What is your level of emotional self-awareness?


  1. I usually put words to what I am feeling or have a clear idea of the emotions I’m experiencing.
  2. I talk about my feelings to a friend or someone I trust.
  3. I write in a journal about my feelings.
  4. I use the awareness of my feelings to guide me to prepare my day.
  5. I am able to change my thoughts into something positive if my feelings are overwhelming me.


  1. I feel my life is not fair.
  2. I don’t waste time thinking about what I’m feeling because it doesn’t help.
  3. I do what I have to and don’t worry about my feelings.
  4. I often feel ashamed at what I’m feeling and try not to focus on it.
  5. When my feelings overwhelm me I find I can’t get on with things.


If you ticked 3 or more of the high you are in  a good place and can continue to nourish your growth mindset.

If you ticked 3 or more of the low then you would benefit from increasing your emotional intelligence.

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