Empower Yourself

Use your brain for maximum performance

You have the power within, at any age, to be better, more capable, and more able to enjoy your life than you ever have before. This is because of Brain Plasticity. Often called the “father of brain plasticity” Michael Merzenich Ph.D maintains this ability enables us to grow and expand our brain capabilities throughout our lives.

Find challenging opportunities

Your brain likes to do things it’s not used to doing, but the activity must be interesting to you. It will not be helpful if for example you hate cooking and you do a course in cordon bleu cooking. But if you love cooking (even if you can’t cook) you will easily enjoy the classes and ultimately succeed.

Focus on what you are doing

Your brain works best when it gets the time to focus on what it is doing so that it can understand and absorb what it needs. The puzzle Sudoku works especially well in training the brain to focus on the job at hand. By forcing your brain to concentrate on the numbers required, nothing else is able to enter it – not even the need to sleep!

Six activities to keep your brain fit

  1. Do puzzles and aim to complete them in less time every time.
  2. Start some new (large or small) activity every day.
  3. Be curious – be a little bit of that bright-eyed child again.
  4. Live in the wide-awake present (neither in the future nor in the past).
  5. Go out of your way to make new friends – each new friend enriches your life.
  6. Develop good habits of self-assessment (how am I doing).

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